Our Inaugural Year

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of 2023, it is with immense pride and gratitude that we share the highlights and milestones achieved by Moving Medicine Partners. We aren’t just another organization, we are a unique and dynamic community bringing together spouses of physicians who are fervently building and nurturing their careers in the world of real estate. 

We experienced exhilarating growth in our membership bringing together even more physician spouses actively engaged in real estate. We currently have 68 physician spouse agents located in 27 states and 52 unique cities. We are averaging a new application a week for membership, signifying the continued growth of the organization. We have over 130 physician transactions completed this year. Our organization is full of knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic agents who have collectively performed over 850 physician transactions throughout their careers. 

When asked about the benefits of being in the organization, one member noted that they enjoy "collaborating with an elite group of peers and having a network of reliable, trusted agents to refer clients to and share ideas, experiences, and learn with." The sense of community and camaraderie was a prevalent theme amongst agent responses.  
The end of the year provides us all an opportunity to reflect and consider opportunities for growth. Moving Medicine Partners looks forward to providing members with additional social media and branding resources. We are also excited to find new ways to support our partners in training as they grow their businesses as new(er) agents. As we bid farewell to a landmark year, we look forward with hope and excitement to what the new year will bring.
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Zoe's understands the time, commitment and sacrifice all medical professionals make on a daily basis, and she is dedicated to bring the same work ethic into real estate, day in and day out.
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