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Match Day and Move to STL

So you are down to the final weeks of your medical school training. You've set your sites on a few hospitals and programs across the U.S. where you would like to match to complete your residency in the specialty you desire... what many don't realize is that matching to a hospital for residency is more stressful than a tender swipe. You just desperately want that hospital to swipe right, but you won't have any idea until The Day-Match Day.
For Corianne and Phil, things worked out quite wonderfully for them. Phil was finishing up his medical school training in Oklahoma City.
March 15, 2019, was the big day- Match Day. Throughout the day, physicians across the U.S. Were receiving their notices of where the next leg of their journey would be. For Phil and Corianne, they discovered, with delight, they would be transitioning to St Louis!
Phil's residency at the St Louis hospital would begin on June 17th, 2019. That gave them the timeframe of nearly exactly 3 months to find a home and get moved and settled in 3 short months.
On the day of the match, I was contacted by Corianne and started to figure out their wishlist. They need a yard for their dog, they wanted to be close to the hospital Phil was training at, and they had a few specific neighborhoods they wanted to look at: Kirkwood, Brentwood, Maplewood- ya know, the woods. And, since Phil is still in training, they wanted to meet their budget, of course.
They planned a trip to St Louis on the weekend of March 26th. After sending several listings, we narrowed it down to their top 10 to see in the 3 days they were here. On day 2 of the show, they found a house they adored- actually a couple of houses, but they chose to put an offer in on a cute house situated on Wellington Ave. This University City home was totally adorable... However, the market in the city in the spring = crazy competition, and we did not win this multiple offer (12 offers!) home.
In the meantime, the house they had listed as 2nd runner-up, also went under contract. They lost both houses in a blink of an eye...
We secured a backup offer on their first choice, Wellington. And said goodbye to the home in Oxford, that they never even got a chance to put an offer on. I did, however, call the listing agent in Oxford and just stated, if anything happens, Call us!
Corianne and Phil left St Louis to go back home to Oklahoma City with no contract secured. They were a little stressed but still determined to find the right home (They have a seriously positive outlook on life). The problem now was that due to Phil's crazy end-of-year medical school training schedule, there were no dates that he could travel back to St Louis! Yikes!
A week went by. I was still sending new to-market listing links- but most were going under contract within 2 days.
On April 1st, the listing agent for Oxford (The second runner-up), called and stated that their contract had fallen through, and she knew we'd been interested in it. Was the interest still there? Ummm yes!
It wasn't an April Fools Joke- we went under contract on April 1. Thank goodness!
Corianne and Phil closed on their adorable Maplewood home on May 3rd!
The rest of the contract was a breeze, even with some severe family emergencies happening for me as well as Corianne and Phil. Thankfully, with help from my coworkers and great communication from Corianne, the house purchase wasn't an added stressor, and everything fell into place.

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