Krista Bentley Mowery

Krista Bentley Mowery

Married to IM Hospitalist

Krista fell in love with Tennessee after meeting her now-husband, a born and raised native. She grew up in the heart of Virginia Beach the majority of her life and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Old Dominion University in 2017. Once her husband graduated from medical school, they decided to retreat back to the Vol Capital and begin building their forever foundation. They couldn’t help but admire the mountainous scenery, take advantage of all of the hiking adventures, and spend many days out on the lake.

Krista has spent many years in the service industry and believes it has taught her how to truly put clients first. Even on the hectic days, she has always found gratitude in helping others no matter how big or small. As such, she was encouraged to enter the Real Estate industry simply because of her way with others. She is someone who finds joy in educating and informing with a great amount of patience; something she gets to do in the industry day in and day out. She vows to put her clients first and always makes sure they are fully aware of every step of the way. Over the course of a few years, Krista and her husband have rescued two very happy fur babies, JC and Yersinia, as well as her beloved Siamese Mocha. As they spend a great amount of time with them, they also enjoy spending time together being silly, embracing the outdoors, crafting around the house, and making fun recipes.



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Zoe's understands the time, commitment and sacrifice all medical professionals make on a daily basis, and she is dedicated to bring the same work ethic into real estate, day in and day out.
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