Debby Lee

Debby Lee

Married to Cardiology

Debby Lee is a versatile real estate agent and investor, born and raised in Orange County, CA. With a multifaceted background, Debby brings a unique blend of expertise to the real estate industry. Previously a registered dietitian, Debby served as Director of Nutrition, showcasing her dedication to improving lives through health and well-being. However, she found newfound purpose while raising her 2 daughters and elected to choose a path that would create generational wealth for her friends and family by investing in real estate.

Debby Lee continues to evolve in her real estate journey, growing her portfolio across different asset classes. She combines her experience and passion for helping others to become what she calls a “dream maker” via real estate. Whether it's finding the perfect home, navigating investment opportunities, or exploring the world of commercial real estate, Debby is your dedicated guide on this exciting adventure. Debby believes in creating lasting relationships and guiding clients through the intricate process of buying or selling real estate.

Having either worked or lived in Orange County, Long Beach, and Los Angeles, she possesses local knowledge of these areas. As a real estate agent, Debby's primary focus is empowering individuals to become an investor beginning with long-term benefits of home ownership.

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