Ambika Mittal

Ambika Mittal

Married to Esophageal Surgery

"I've learned that people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

This powerful quote by Maya Angelou resonates deeply with me as I reflect on my life's journey in the United States, which began in November 1999. Originally from New Delhi, India, I settled in Omaha, NE, at the age of 23. I have a  Bachelor's Degree in Business and a Master's Degree in E-commerce from Creighton University. This education gave me the skills that would lead me through diverse industries I have experienced in my & in my spouses career.

Moving to the United States was a pivotal turn in my life anyway, and on top of that marrying a Surgery Resident was a game changer. We navigated the challenges of frequent relocations for his medical training and subsequent job opportunities, always placing his career at the forefront. When our children came into the picture, I chose to stay home, dedicating myself to their care. It was only when both daughters were in school full-time, that I sought a new adventure—I trained and started an education franchise.

Balancing the demands of work, parenting, and supporting my spouse's career honed my ability to handle a multitude of responsibilities simultaneously. Life took another turn when I sold the franchise to facilitate my husband's career move to Phoenix. It was at this point in life that I contemplated what lay ahead for me, and real estate captured my attention.

Real estate proved to be an ideal fit, allowing me to leverage my diverse experiences to assist others in finding their perfect homes while fostering lasting relationships. This profession involves connecting with people, understanding the unique qualities that make a house a home, and drawing on my personal journey to guide others through their own real estate adventures. 

As a Realtor®, I bring to the table a background in people-centric industries, having been a Franchise Owner/Operator in the Education Industry. My primary commitment is to help clients make informed financial and emotional decisions. Drawing from my own experiences with Agents when I was on the other end as Real Estate Buyer, Seller, and Investor. 

I understand the potential challenges that may arise in the Real Estate process, especially for first-time homebuyers. Yet, I firmly believe that with the right guidance, the journey can be not only manageable but also enjoyable and rewarding. Listening attentively to my clients' needs is my priority, ensuring that every transaction is tailored to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Diligence, continuous improvement of processes, and approachability are core values for me. I view myself as a resource for clients at every step of their real estate journey, committed to making the process as smooth as possible. I am genuinely thankful for the trust and support of my clients, and I look forward to being your dedicated partner in your real estate endeavors. 

Thank you for entrusting me with your business.



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